Testimonials from Former Clients


Past success, as they say, is no guarantee of future performance. However, here are some comments from some of my happiest clients (and others) over the last few years. You can find most of these on Avvo and Yelp as well.

“Thank you! Appreciate your communication. Nothing is achieved without a honest, calm and problem solving approach to whatever problem maybe presented. The ultimate goal is to have everyone happy and I appreciate your ability to help make this happen.”

— Real Estate Broker

“I’ll definitely work with Craig again.”

Craig helped me immensely through the process of purchasing my first house. If you’re comfortable touring homes yourself and selecting the one you want to buy, then the cost savings of working with a lawyer are too great to ignore. Plus, there are definitely advantages to having a lawyer instead of an agent (e.g., when reviewing contract terms). Finally, Craig has been in the industry for a while, and is more than willing to informally advise you on topics that you would otherwise discuss with your broker.

I’m not sure that I’ll eschew hiring a broker when I sell my home, since I saw a lot of value added by the seller’s agent (e.g., for preparing the home and staging it). However, whenever I next buy a home, I’ll definitely work with Craig again.

— Ryan P.

“Smart, fast, friendly.”

We sold our house using Zillow’s “Make Me Move” feature, which means we didn’t have an agent. Craig answered questions and reviewed documents thoroughly and efficiently , and he was great at communication. We recommend him very highly and would use him again.

— Melissa

“Impressed with Craig.”

I consulted Craig about an issue with buying a house. There was a contenious situation involving a suspected fake competing offer, which was used to escalate the final price for me. Craig was very helpful and quickly identified the key points of the situation, which gave me enough arguments to successfully get out of the buy/sell contract. I didn’t have to hire him in the end, but I would in a heartbeat. I was impressed with his knowledge, honest attitude, and sincere desire to help. He’ll be the first lawyer I’ll go to if I need legal help with real estate.

— Pavel

“A legal wizard with a true heart.”

I would absolutely recommend Craig to anyone seeking legal assistance in real estate.

An outstanding attorney and broker, Craig knows the ins and outs of every law and agency dealing with residential and commercial properties in the Seattle area. He is best known for his contribution to raincityguide.com, a famous public resource of real estate information in the Northwest. We have learnt a great amount from the articles he wrote over the years. When we ran into a sticky situation where Sellers refused to return our earnest money, we knew if Craig could not rescue us, no one else could. To give a bit of background on how sticky the thing was: we waived most contingencies, put down significant amount of earnest money, my own brokers and buyer agent ran out of means … We had interviewed a number of lawyers before we chose him to represent us. But Craig was the only one who immediately spotted key facts to our favor in the contract. In the following days, he carefully studied property records, contracts and laws. He was incredibly smart and had an uncanny attention and memory for even the smallest detail. Craig successfully mapped a solid strategy with supporting facts that were even overlooked by both sides. It was that very strategy that delivered a powerful punch and enabled us to win our earnest money back in just days hiring him. After months of ordeal, we could finally breathe easier. We thank him for his legal wizardry.

Last but not the least, I really have to say how much faith I have restored in human nature when I see talented law professionals, such as Craig, honestly spending their time working on your case without nonsense billing. I have dealt with many lawyers in different practices in the past. One thing I leant, in a hard way, is that hourly rate on contract doesn’t mean much. It is how much time the lawyers bill you vs. the REAL time they spent on your case. Often times, you looked at the chargeable time billed by the lawyers and compare with the service you received, and wonder ” Really? that much??”. When we compared the work Craig did for us, and the amount of hours he billed, it shows not only reasonableness, but honesty and true professionalism. We thank Craig for being a legal wizard with a true heart for his clients!

— Barry L.

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I know how hard it can be to hire a lawyer - we're not cheap. So I'm always happy to speak with people who think they might benefit from hiring an attorney. I help them get a better understanding of their situation and whether they need to incur that substantial cost.

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“Craig has a true understanding of real estate legal practice in our region. He pays close attention to his client’s needs and concerns during what can be a difficult and stressful process. We highly recommend him based on our family’s experience.”

— Anonymous

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