No charge for an initial consultation.

Note that I am not your attorney and will not provide you with any legal advice until you sign a fee agreement. The initial consultation is limited to a general discussion of your situation so that you have a better understanding of it and are able to decide whether to incur the costs of an attorney. You should not rely on anything I have to say until you have hired me as your lawyer.

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92 Lenora St. (Makers, a co-working office) Seattle, WA 98121

(206) 369-5949

What are you doing that I might be able to assist you with?
Give me the details please about your matter, including the address of the subject property.

I’m always happy to chat.

I know how hard it can be to hire a lawyer - we're not cheap. So I'm always happy to speak with people who think they might benefit from hiring an attorney. I help them get a better understanding of their situation and whether they need to incur that substantial cost.

Craig Blackmon, Attorney at Law
(206) 369-5949

Craig Blackmon talking on the phone

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