Residential Real Estate Lawyer


I am back to being an agent.

For more than a decade, I’ve tried to upend real estate and make it better for the consumer. I think I finally have the winning recipe.

The secret? Bringing technology into the system, and leveraging the internet to allow for dramatic efficiency. That, and charging a reasonable flat fee that returns the commission to something closer to the historic norm.

Since I am once again a member of the NWMLS, I need to work as a real estate broker and not as a lawyer. But you get the same guy!!! Craig Blackmon, an innovative and dedicated real estate professional.

Sell for more, buy for less.

No, it’s not magic. I’ve built a website that gives buyers the tools they need to buy a home online and without using an agent. With no buyer’s agent, the seller saves 3%. One-half of that savings is passed back to the buyer in the form of a reduced asking price. Win, win.

Modern flat commissions.

My real estate firm charges a flat buyer agent’s commission of $4995. Most sellers offer a 3% commission. So at closing, you’ll get a rebate. Probably a really big rebate — on an average Seattle home, about $16k.

My Services:

  • One tour (more at $75/hr)
  • Help with pre-offer due diligence (if needed)
  • Opinion on value
  • One offer and all negotiations needed to get to contract
  • Help with due diligence (inspection, title review) and any re-negotiations
  • Guidance throughout process

My Fees:

  • $500 up front
  • $500 due with a contract (no contract, nothing further due)
  • Balance due at closing (no closing, nothing further due)
  • Rebate of remaining seller-paid commission (usually 3%)



Average Seattle Home = $16k Rebate.

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