NWMLS Forms Order Form

Many lawyers here in Washington don’t realize that they have access to NWMLS forms, the contract forms used by real estate agents. The Northwest Multiple Listing Service provides its members with a comprehensive set of forms to handle just about every real estate transaction imaginable.

Most Common NWMLS Forms for Sale

The NWMLS offers its NWMLS forms for sale to Washington attorneys. A lawyer can purchase all of the real estate forms needed for a comprehensive offer (with full due diligence protections) that will look like any other.

And that is important. If a listing broker receives a non-NWMLS offer, it puts the broker in a difficult position. If the broker has no training or experience with the forms used, she may feel compelled to refer the seller to a lawyer. That, in turn, may not be well received by the seller.

Use this form to order a set of the NWMLS forms needed.

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