My Current Rates

Here are my current, standard rates for my legal services. However, I reserve the right to quote a specific fee for any specific matter. Give me a call to discuss your matter to learn more about the specific fee I can offer you.


  • $500 due up front, covers the first two hours of my time;
  • All further time billed at $300 per hour.
  • For a home buyer, $750 is due up front, which covers the first three hours (what it takes generally for an offer).


Buyer Flat Fee

  • $750 due up front;
  • $750 due if our offer is accepted; and
  • $1000 due at closing.
  • TOTAL DUE $2500

I am also happy to work on an hourly basis for home buyers, except I charge $750 up front (which covers the first three hours). My rate is $300 per hour after that.


Seller Flat Fee

  • $500 due up front;
  • $500 due upon receipt or my drafting of an offer; and
  • $500 due at closing.
  • TOTAL DUE $1500


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