Why consider using a home buyer due diligence checklist? Because buying a house is wildly, insanely difficult, and in Seattle has been for a very long time (with some evidence of relief in sight). Buyers have had to strengthen their offers as much as possible in order to literally compete against up to a dozen or more others. As a result, some buyers have unfortunately concluded (and some have been flat-out told by their agent) that they need to skip their due diligence. This can end up being an epic, catastrophic mistake (even sometimes without as many laughs or a happy ending).

A checklist will make sure you complete your home buyer due diligence.

A checklist is a great tool when you need to make sure you hit all the steps in a complicated process. And buying a home is nothing if

not a complicated process, with due diligence being a big part. If you skip your due diligence, you basically close your eyes and hope for the best. Sounds like a fun weekend in Vegas, but a bad idea if you’re buying a complicated asset worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At this point in my real estate career (acting as both a real estate broker and lawyer for nearly a decade) I’ve helped hundreds of home buyers. I’ve got a very good idea about the steps any prudent buyer simply must take in order to adequately complete their due diligence. Because as hard as it might be to imagine right now if you’re trying to buy, the only thing worse than not buying a house is buying the wrong one.

Free Home Buyer Due Diligence Checklist

Home buyer due diligence check list

A great tool for home buyers.

I’ve put together this Home Buyer Due Diligence Checklist for homebuyers everywhere. Check all the boxes, and you’ll know you’ve hit all the right notes. Does this checklist guarantee you’ll have a great result? Of course not. You could be hit by lightning during the inspection (inspectors love it when it’s raining, they get to see drainage issues first hand). But by completing your due diligence, you’ll be doing everything in your power to get the best result possible. And as any parent knows, that’s the very best you can do. Now get out there, and buy a new home!

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