Legal Issues


A real estate attorney who handles both transactions and litigation.

Disputes happen. A lawyer can help.

Nobody wants to hire a real estate lawyer. They’re expensive. And when the project is done, there’s nothing to show for it but densely worded documents that only another real estate attorney can understand.

But sometimes they’re necessary. We can ensure a smooth sale (transactions), or to resolve a dispute related to your home (litigation).

I help in a variety of situations:

  • Buying or selling real estate and need someone for “the paperwork.”
  • After a contract fails and there is an earnest money dispute.
  • An easement or other agreement is needed to tidy up use or ownership.
  • A dispute with a neighbor about a boundary or an easement.

I’m an experienced real estate lawyer.

I’ve been practicing law in Seattle since 1999. Since 2005, I’ve focused my practice on residential real estate. I’ve successfully handled hundreds of matters, both transactions and litigation. I’ve tried cases to a judge, to a jury, and on appeal. I would love to chat with you about your legal matter and whether you need to incur the cost of an attorney.

My Services:

  • Complete legal counsel regarding residential real estate.
  • Diligent yet balanced advocacy that does not worsen the situation or needlessly increase costs
  • Insight on the real estate process gleaned from over a decade of experience.

My Fees:

  • $500 due up front, good for the first two hours of my billed time.
  • All further time billed at $300 per hour.

Sample only. Not a standing offer. Actual terms may differ.

  • Depending on your matter, I may be able to offer you a set flat fee.
  • In the rare instance, I will take a case on a contingent basis (I get paid only when you get paid).
“My job as a lawyer is to get the best possible result for my client. But the stakes must merit the high cost of an attorney. I make sure my clients understand that, and we plan – and budget – accordingly.” — Craig Blackmon

Contact me for a free consultation about your matter.

I am always happy to speak on the phone about your situation. I won’t give you any legal advice or be your attorney. But I can help you to get a better understanding of what is going on and whether you need to incur the high cost of a lawyer.

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