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One of the hardest things about buying or selling a home without an agent? Trying to find the real estate forms you need to create a written contract. There is no such thing as an “oral contract” when it comes to selling real estate. Either it’s in writing, or there’s no contract. And the law requires a seller to use a very specific property disclosure form.

Of course, the best thing to do is to simply hire a real estate lawyer. A good one with experience in the field of residential real estate will likely have her own set of forms. As a result, the cost is reasonable. And it’s a massively expensive transaction with significant potential liability.

If you’re selling, are you sure you won’t be liable under the deed for a defect in title? Or a physical defect you didn’t disclose? An attorney can help you make sure. And if you’re buying, an attorney can help you through all of your due diligence so that you have the best chance of being successful.

An attorney isn’t required, and you may decide to buy or sell yourself (FSBO).

There are risks. But some people can reasonably assume those risks and save themselves a bunch of money in the process. Without a lawyer or a broker in the mix, a transaction will have minimal transaction costs (about 2.5% or so, but not the 9% that includes traditional brokers on each side). On the seller side, it’s called For Sale By Owner, or FSBO. And you can buy without using an agent, too. To help those consumers — who can reasonably assume the risks, and who have made the decision to do so — I am making my real estate forms available, most for free and the rest at low cost.

WA Real Estate Forms Available for Free & Low Cost

But not here. Instead, please head on over to my related site, FSBO Law Center, where I host my forms, plus give links to lots of other good real estate content (all back here on the law firm site, of course – one of my secret SEO tricks). These forms are for use only in the state of Washington, and note the terms of use: At your sole risk. Still interested?

WA Real Estate Forms

FREE Washington Real Estate Forms include a Seller Disclosure Statement, a Lead Paint Addendum, and a General Addendum – click HERE.

Real Estate Forms WA

Washington Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement is for sale ($50) – click HERE.


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